Contract Research & Manufacturing

Salient Features
• Proven track record of time bound project execution.
• Effective synthetic strategy for NCE's.
• Non Infringing Process Designing.
• Contract Manufacturing - Kg to Multi ton.
• Routine teleconferencing & weekly reporting system during execution stage.
• We have well defined milestones for project completion.
• We guarantee protection of your intellectual property.

Synthetic Research
Synthetic Labs are supported by
• Expert team of scientist in handling mg to Kg scale Reactions.
• Adequate Utility Services.
• Adequate Safety provisions.
• Hygienic Environment.
• Cryogenic & High pressure Reaction Facilities.
• Separate Laboratories for CRAMS and Generic Research.
• Documentation as per Regulatory requirements.
• IPR Studies.

Synthetic Chemistry
Expertise in
• Custom Synthesis.
• Non-infringing Synthetic Routes.
• Process Easiness.
• Green Chemistry.
• Organometallic Reactions.
• Hydrogenation.
• Asymmetric Synthesis.
• Strong base Reactions (NaH, n-BuLi).

Chiral Synthesis
• Chiral Synthesis.
• Chiral Separation.
• Synthesis of chiral compounds like ACE inhibitors.

We have expertise in handling critical reagents like,
• Boron trifluoride etherate.
• n-Butyl lithium.
• Sodium hydride.
• Sodium Azide.
• (-) - DIP-Chloride [Di isopino campheyl chloro borane].
• S - POZ [(S)-(+)-4-phenyl-2- oxazolidinone.
• Me-CBS [Methyl Oxazaborolidine].

Reactions handled
• Grignard Reaction.
• Suzuki Reaction.
• Ritter Reaction.
• Vilsmeier-Haack Reaction.
• Birch Reduction.
• Hofmann Rearrangement.
• Nucleophilic Substitution.
Reactions handled: (refer the attachment-Contract Research ppt).
IPR Studies
• Online Literature Search.
• Patent Drafting, Filing and Maintaining.
• Infringement analysis.
• Selection of Non infringing process.
• All employees bound by "Secrecy and Non-disclosure Agreement".